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Thursday, 25. November 2004

Clariant announces sale of Clariant Polymers K.K. to The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
For details see the corporate news of Clariant.
Tuesday, 20. April 2004

New methyl cellulose production plant of Wolff Cellulosics
On March 29th the methyl cellulose production plant in Bitterfeld (the world’s largest MC production plant) was started up officially.
Wednesday, 21. January 2004

Vinamul Polymers Announces Price Increase on Emulsions
New prices are effective from February 16, 2004 on Vinamul emulsions (vinamulpolymers.com). For details see the corporate news of National Starch and Chemical Company.
Tuesday, 6. January 2004

Sale of Tylose to Shin-Etsu completed
The sale of Clariant's Cellulose Ethers business unit to the Japanese company Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. was completed as planned at the end of last year. For details see the news release of Claraint and the corporate news of Shin-Etsu.
Wednesday, 5. November 2003

New inorganic thickener for drymix mortars
An attapulgite (needle-shaped magnesium alumino silicate) named Acti-Gel 208 has been developed by Active Minerals Company LLC (USA). Compared with normal attapulgites it is easier to (re-)disperse and gives the final rheology immediately after mixing the dry-mix mortar with water.
More detailed information and samples are available from the agency which represents Active Minerals in Europe:
Harold Faber (Faber & VanderEnde bv)
Tel. +31 (0)26 3391375

New preservative for concrete admixtures
This month the manufacturer of biocides Schülke & Mayr GmbH brings a new preservative named GROTAN® TK 3 PLUS to the market, which was specially developed for use in concrete admixtures. It is a broad-spectrum bactericide and fungicide and it's efficiency remains even at high temperatures up to 60°C (140°F). Furthermore it is usable between pH 3 and 11 and that covers the whole range of waterborne concrete admixtures.
More detailed information is available from
Alexander Müller
Tel. +49 40 52100-256

Tuesday, 4. November 2003

Shin-Etsu aquires Clariant's cellulose ether business
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. has reached an agreement with Clariant AG to acquire the cellulose ethers business (trade name: Tylose). For details see the news release of Claraint and the corporate news of Shin-Etsu.
Monday, 6. October 2003

GRACE acquires assets of Tricosal Beton-Chemie GmbH & Co.KG
The German subsidiary of Grace (Grace Bauprodukte GmbH) has acquired certain assets of Tricosal Beton–Chemie GmbH & Co. KG, located in Germany. Fore detailed information read the Announcement
Friday, 27. June 2003

Permatex / DuPont Performance Coatings GmbH & Co.KG
Herberts has been acquired by DuPont in 1999, making the company a part of DuPont Performance Coatings. Now it presents itself as an integrated business unit of that company and that is now also reflected by the website: www.permatex.de became protectivecoatings.dupont.com.
Friday, 16. May 2003

Mowilith prices increase
Celanese Chemicals will increase selling prices for all of its Mowilith® Emulsions and Emulsion Powders grades effective immediately by 60 Euro/t.
Thursday, 1. May 2003

Aqualon Announces Increasing Prices for CMC
Effective May 15, 2003, the Aqualon Division of Hercules Incorporated is increasing prices globally for all grades of sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) by $0.20/lb ($0.45/kg).
Monday, 28. April 2003

Hercules Announces Capacity Expansion for Natrosol® HEC
The Aqualon Division of Hercules Incorporated announces capacity expansion plans for its Natrosol® HEC (Hydroxyethylcellulose) and Natrosol® Plus (hydrophob modified Hydroxyethylcellulose) product lines. Completion of the expansion by 10,000 t/a in the U.S. and in the Netherlands is scheduled by the end of 2004.


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