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Time-Period: 2003-04

Monday, 28. April 2003

Hercules Announces Capacity Expansion for Natrosol® HEC
The Aqualon Division of Hercules Incorporated announces capacity expansion plans for its Natrosol® HEC (Hydroxyethylcellulose) and Natrosol® Plus (hydrophob modified Hydroxyethylcellulose) product lines. Completion of the expansion by 10,000 t/a in the U.S. and in the Netherlands is scheduled by the end of 2004.
Monday, 7. April 2003

Ziegler & Co.
Distributes raw materials to the coatings industry, especially effect fillers (funktional fillers) and relaunched his website.
Friday, 4. April 2003

Bayer AG
Bayer Chemicals has launched a website for the inorganic pigments (Bayferrox® and chromoxide pigments).
Wednesday, 2. April 2003

The manufacturer of epoxy resins, epoxy hardeners and glycidyl ethers has relaunched his website.


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