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ASTM C806-95 Standard Test Method for Restrained Expansion of Expansive Cement Mortar
This test method covers the determination of length changes of expansive cement mortar, while under restraint, due to the development of internal forces resulting from hydration of the cement.

ASTM C845-96 Standard Specification for Expansive Hydraulic Cement
This specification covers hydraulic cements that expand during the early hardening period after setting.

DIN 1055: Design loads for buildings; Part 5: Live loads; snow load and ice load (German)
Hrsg.: bauregeln.de

European Specification for Sprayed Concrete, 1996
The specification covers: Constituent materials, requirements of concrete composition and durability, mix compositions, execution of spraying, test methods and quality control. It includes a separate appendix on Admixtures and a section on the Execution of Spraying. (Section 8, execution of spraying, got updated and replaced in 1999.) [35 pages, 284 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: EFNARC, efnarc.org

The European cement standard and its effects in Germany
Information on the consequences of these standards for the manufacture and use of cement. [12 pages, 423 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Franz Sybertz, Gerd Thielen

The new German concrete standards DIN EN 206-1 and DIN EN 1045-2 as basis for the design of durable constructions
[10 pages, 466 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Horst Grube, Beatrix Kerkhoff

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