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Acti-Gel 208 - stabilizer for self compacting concrete
Acti-Gel 208 is a high-purity, self-dispersing magnesium alumino silicate that is so unique, it's patented. (Active Minerals Company LLC)
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Effects of different viscosity agents on the properties of self-leveling concrete

Assessment of the fresh concrete properties of self compacting concrete
[12 pages, 426 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Stefan Kordts, Wolfgang Breit

SCC mix design
Research report on preliminary mix design. Includes details on some test methods. [41 pages, 285 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Örjan Petersson, Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute, 1998

Properties of hardened self compacting concrete
Test results on SCC compared to normal concrete (specimens according to BS 1881 and on structural elements): Strength, modulus of elasticity, shrinkage, creep, water absorption, carbonation, freeze-thaw resistance. [73 pages, 821 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: M. Sonebi et al, University of Paisley, UK, 2000

Controlling the workability properties of self compacting concrete used as ready-mixed concrete
[10 pages, 953 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Stefan Kordts, Horst Grube

Simulation of SCC Flow
Some details about the modeling the flow of SCC.
Hrsg.: Martys, N. S.; Ferraris, C. F.; Design and Use of Self-Consolidation Concrete. North American Conference, 1st. November 12-13, 2002, 27-30 pp, 2003

SCC Rheology
Rheology of self-compacting concrete. (Some tests have been made on paste or fine mortar.) Includes details on the rheometers used (BML; BTRheom). [20 pages, 196 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: T. Sedran, 2000

Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete
Report on properties of steel fibre reinforced SCC. Slabs were cast (10 x 20 m, 15 cm thick) and the effect of steel fibres on the fresh and hardened concrete properties has been studied. [33 pages, 539 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Jonas Gustafsson, Betongindustri AB; Patrick Groth, LTU; 1999

Self compacting concrete another stage in the development of the 5-component system of concrete
[10 pages, 290 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Horst Grube, Jörg Rickert

Shrinkage of SCC
Report on drying shrinkage of self-compacting concrete (water/binder ratio 0.6). Results on the influence of paste content, type of plasticizer, grain size distribution, and silica fume. [7 pages, 251 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Käre Johansen, Tor Arne Hammer

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