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SCC - Quality Control
Quality assurance in mix design, production (mixing), transportation, formwork, placing und curing. includes details on test procedures: Slump-flow, L-box, J-ring, stability sieving test, fibre content test. [28 pages, 114 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Lars-Goran Tviksta, NCC AB, 2000

Guidelines for SCC
Information for producers and users of SCC: Specifications, properties of hardened concrete, mix design, mixing of concrete, transport, form system, casting on site, steel fibre reinforced SCC, test methods, quality control, environment, health and safety. Includes instructions for test procedures. [48 pages, 265 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Brite EuRam, SCC consortium, 2000

Investigation on workability of SCC: Effects of aggregate size, additives and admixtures. [56 pages, 478 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Örjan Petersson, Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute, 1999

SCC - Mixing and Transport
Report on the effects of mixing, transport, and pumping on the properties of self-compacting concrete. [65 pages, 1.2 MB, PDF]
Hrsg.: M. Emborg, Betongindustri AB, 2000

SCC - Form system and surface quality
Research report on the influence of different casting parameters on surface quality. [83 pages, 1.3 MB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Bernabeu, GTM Construction, 2000

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