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Polysuccinimide and polyaspartate as additives to cementitious materials
It is reported that polysuccinimide may be added to cementitious materials for the purposes of improving flowability during mixing, decreasing slump loss during transport and placement, and that it may provide extra strength upon hardening of the cementitious material. (In the aqueous environment of freshly mixed cementitious materials, polysuccinimide is converted to polyaspartate.)
Hrsg.: University of South Alabama; MBT Holding AG, US5908885, 1999

Admixture and method for optimizing addition of EO/PO superplasticizer to concrete containing smectite clay-containing aggregates
In the preparation of aqueous cement compositions containing a plasticizer, such as an EO/PO polymer-containing plasticizer, or EO/PO comb polymer-containing plasticizer, and further containing clay, such as a smectite clay, which expands when in contact with water, the step of providing an agent operative to modify the clay whereby the plasticizer absorbing capability of the clay is reduced. In exemplary methods of the invention, the plasticizer is an EO/PO (e.g., oxyalkylene) plasticizer and preferably an EO/PO comb polymer, and the clay-activity-modifying agent may comprise an inorganic cation, an organic cation, a polar organic molecule capable of being absorbed by the clay, a clay dispersant (such as a polyphosphate), or a mixture thereof.
Hrsg.: Leslie A. Jardine et al, W.R. Grace & Co., 2002, US6352952

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