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Cement-superplasticizer interaction
Study on the influence of a polycarboxylate-ether based superplasticizer (PCE) with different architectures (side chain density, side chain length) on the rheological properties of cement suspensions.
Hrsg.: Anatol Zingg. Dissertation, 2008. ETH Zurich

Adsorption of Polycarboxylate-based Superplasticizer onto Natural Bentonite
Adsorption of polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer on natural bentonite was investigated to better understand the interaction between admixtures and clay as impurities in mortar or concrete.
Hrsg.: Weishan Wang, Baicun Zheng, Zhongjun Feng, Zuiliang Deng, Lefeng Fu. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, Vol. 10 (2012)

Use of Water Reducers and Superplasticizers
Information about water-reducing admixtures, their retarding effect, and the ASTM C494.
Hrsg.: Pennsylvania State University - Concrete Clinic - Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Instructional Systems

The Rheology of Cementitious Materials
Working mechanism of superplasticizers which induce steric repulsion between cement particles (polycarboxylates) and their role in concrete rheology.
Hrsg.: Flatt, R. J.; Martys, N. S.; Bergstrom, L.; in: Materials Research Society (MRS Bulletin), Vol. 29, No. 5, 314-318, May 2004

Cement-superplasticizer interactions at ambient temperatures
Influence of superplasticizers on rheology, phase composition, pore water and heat of hydration of cementitious systems. The rheological behaviour of three superplasticizers (polymelamine sulfonate, polynaphthalene sulfonate, polyacrylate) in combination with various Swiss cements (CEM I 42,5) was studied.
Hrsg.: Andreas Griessner, Dissertation, 2002

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