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Expansive Cements, non-shrinking Mortars (18)

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Cement and concrete compositions for controlling alkali-silica reaction in concrete
Processes for making cement which when used to make concrete can stabilize the concrete against alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) from alkali containing components. The process includes adding lithium containing materials in the front of a cement kiln along with the cement starting materials in an amount sufficient to minimize ASR.
Hrsg.: Stokes et al (FMC Corporation, Bessemer City, NC), 2000, US6022408

Gypsum-cement system for construction materials
A mixture of cement and gypsum as binder. The expansion is suppressed by addition of pozzolanic material.
Hrsg.: David Bonen, United States Gypsum Company (Chicago, IL), 2001, US6241815

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