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Comparison of Concrete Rheometers: International Tests at MB (Cleveland, OH, USA) in May 2003
This report describes the round robin test and the results obtained.
Hrsg.: Ferraris, C. F.; Brower, L. E.; Beaupre, D.; Chapdelaine, F.; Domone, P.; Koehler, E.; Shen, L.; Sonebi, M.; Struble, L.; Tepke, D.; Wallevik, O.; Wallevik, J. E.; NISTIR 7154; 47 p. September 2004

Zeta-Potential: A Complete Course in 5 Minutes
Introduction to electrokinetics of colloids. [8 pages, 266 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Zeta-Meter Inc.

Bulk Online
Powder and Bulk Portal.
Hrsg.: www.bulk-online.com

Delayed Ettringite Formation Due to Sulfate, Cement Content and Curing Temperature
[17 pages, 3,1 MB, PDF]
Hrsg.: M. Collepardi, S. Collepardi, J.J. Ogoumah Olagot, R. Troli

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