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Building and Fire Research - BFRL Publications Online
More than 2300 research reports about construction materials and fire protection.
Hrsg.: Building and Fire Research Laboratory / National Institute of Standards and Technology

Canadian Building Digests
A collection of 250 4-page articles containing background information and practical guidelines on virtually every aspect of building design and construction in Canada, published between 1960 and 1990.
Hrsg.: IRC - Institute for Research in Construction

Database of evaluated products (Canada)
Searchable database with evaluation reports on various building materials (materials, that are in use in Canada).
Hrsg.: CCMC - Canadian Construction Materials Centre, Institue for Research in Construction

Materials Science & Technology Research Publications
Electronic publications of Trans Tech Publications. Pay for membership or purchase individual articles. Preview of first page is free of charge.
Hrsg.: Trans Tech Publications Ltd.

AutoDoc is a broker service for delivery of documents. The ordering system provides a centralized service including a help desk and a billing service for the customers on one hand and for the document suppliers on the other hand.
Hrsg.: Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe/FIZ Karlsruhe

Construction Practice
Collection of about 45 articles.
Hrsg.: IRC - Institute for Research in Construction

Rheologica Acta
Access to the table of contents and abstracts in English, starting from 1997.
Hrsg.: Springer Verlag

Provides access to scientific, technical and medical literature (more than 1800 journals).

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