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Joint Filler, ready-mixed, two-part, gypsum based
A two part joint compound which sets by hydration of calcium sulfate hemihydrate to gypsum. One part includes an in-situ acidic acrylate copolymer thickener (i.e., an associative thickener) with the calcium sulfate hemihydrate, along with a non-calcium bearing phosphate set preventer. The first part contains water, but remains unset for at least 175 days. The second part includes a set initiator compound having a cation with a log K value greater than calcium ions. Set preventer: Zinc hexametaphosphate, potassium tripolyphosphate, tetra sodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, monoammonium phosphate, and monobasic potassium phosphate. Suggested set-initiators are zinc sulfat and aluminium sulfate.
Hrsg.: Espinoza et al, United States Gypsum Company (Chicago, IL), 2001, US6228163

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