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Dettki Steuerungstechnik (German)
Laboratory robot: Computer-controlled, automatic Vicat needle and/or Vicat cone apparatus (multistation) für determining the setting behaviour of gypsum, cement and mortar in accordance with DIN 1168 and EN 196. Automatic test sequences for 10 to 15 individually programmable specimens.

Horiba Europe GmbH
Manufacturer of instruments for particle characterization such as particle size analyzers, particle shape analyzers and mercury porosimeters.

Sympatec GmbH
Manufacturer of systems for analysis of particle size distributions (dry and wet particle size analysis of powders, suspensions, emulsions or sprays) based on ultrasonic extinction or laser diffraction.

Retsch Technology GmbH
Develops and sells optical measuring systems for particle characterisation: Analysis of particle size and shape for dry powders, granules and bulk products in the particle size range from 3 nm up to 30 mm.

Malvern Instruments Ltd.
Supplier of particle characterization systems (particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, dispersion stability, rheological properties.

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