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Producer of fumed silica. Located in Ukraine.

Elementis Specialties, Inc.
Producer of rheological additives: Organoclays, castor based thixotropes, wax based anti-settling agents and exterior alkali swellable thickeners. Major products: Bentone, Benaqua, Rheolate, Thixatrol.

Degussa AG
Aerosil® - fumed silica, hydrophilic and hydrophobic grades. Thixotropic agent in paints and coatings.

Prodexim Ltd.
Producer of fumed silica. Located in Ukraine.

ITC Industrials, Inc. - Floridin-Division
Various attapulgite grades for use in adhesives, mortars, paints and coatings. (MIN-U-GEL, Florigel)

Tolsa group
Producer of rheological additives based on high purity sepiolite and attapulgite. (Pangel)

Cabot Corp.
Fumed silica (Cab-O-Sil), with and without surface treatment, in dry form and as aqueous dispersion.

Faber & VanderEnde BV
Distributor for attapulgites in Europe (Min-U-Gel, Florigel, and Actigel; manufactured by ITC Inc.).

Engelhard Corporation
Thixotropic agent based on attapulgite (Attagel)

FCC Inc.
Producer of organoclay rheological additives, highly purified white smectite clays and bleaching earth.

Laviosa Chimica Mineraria S.p.A.
Producer of bentonites and organoclays as rheological additives for use in water-based and solvent-based formulations.

Heinrich Osthoff-Petrasch GmbH & Co.KG

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