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Shrinkage compensating concrete with expansive additive
An expansive Portland cement incorporating an expansive additive which is a polymer incorporating a calcium compound reactive with the cement is described. The shrinkage compensating concrete produced is much less likely to crack and is used in slabs and other structural systems where cracking of the concrete is a problem.
Hrsg.: Soroushian et al (Board of Trustees operating Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI), 1996, US5489333

Calcium aluminosulfate and expansive cements containing same
This patent is the basis for the "Type K" expansive cements (together with US3303037 and US3251701).
Hrsg.: Alexander Klein, 1964, US3155526

Method of producing stressing cement
A stressing cement is produced by mixing 58-62% by weight of Portland cement with an expanding component taken in an amount of 38-42% by weight. The expanding component consists of calcium sulphate, calcium oxide and an aluminate-containing material.
Hrsg.: Mikhailov et al, 1973, US3775143

Shrinkage compensating cement
The reactive compound is coated with an alkali soluble, water insoluble material in order to delay the time within which the reactive compound will expand. Quicklime or Plaster of Paris are examples of reactive compounds which may be used.
Hrsg.: Theodore Houseknecht (Fuller Company), 1972, US3649317

Expansive cement
An improved expansive cement and method of forming same. An expansive clinker containing a stable calcium alumino sulfate compound is separately ground to a selected surface area > 4600 cm²/g. The ground expansive clinker is then blended with a ground cement clinker and with gypsum to form the expansive cement. The expansive cement formed in accordance with the present invention requires less of the expansive clinker than expansive cements known in the art to achieve the same magnitude of expansion.
Hrsg.: Edward Rice, 1983, US4419136

Expansive cement
An expansive cement composition which is made of particulate argillaceous and calcareous materials and contains from 1 - 70% of free CaO with the remaining portion being primarily tricalcium silicate and containing no dicalcium silicate.
Hrsg.: Allen et al (General Portland, Inc.), 1975, US3884710

Hydration modifying agent for mortar or concrete with limited shrinkage
The invention concerns a hydration modifying agent for mortar and concrete comprising a combination of 30 to 80% of calcium sulphate, 3 to 60% of ethylene/propylene oxide copolymer and 0.5 to 6% of an activator for the copolymer.
Hrsg.: Vicat (France), US6436184, EP1032545, FR2771088, 1999

Process for producing cement expanding agents
Cement expanding agent is produced by burning a raw mixture containing CaO, Al2O3, SO3 and F, wherein the weight ratio of CaO/Al2O3 is 0.5 to 20, 0.2 to 20% of an inorganic fluoride and 30 to 80% of CaSO4 are contained.
Hrsg.: Koji Nakagawa (Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, JA), 1974, US3801345

Expanding admixture, non-shrinking waterproofing Portland cement with expanding admixture and the process of its production
aromatic acid performs the etching of the aluminate components in the admixture and portlandcement klinker. fatty acid protects the liberated aluminatoorganic complexes from the atmospheric agents, i.e. moisture and carbonic acid.
Hrsg.: Domenico Grilli (IT), Ghennady Michailovic Kirillov (RU), Boris Emmanuilovic Udovic (RU), 2004. EP1384704

Cement additive comprising calcium sulfo-aluminate + organic adhesive + foaming agent + dispersing agent
Cement additive consisting mainly of calcium sulfo-aluminate, which forms ettringite having a high content of sulfate through hydration, 0.1 - 2.0% organic adhesive, 0.005 - 0.5% blowing agent and 1.0 to 6.0% dispersing agent is suitable for grout.
Hrsg.: Tsutomu Mizunuma, Tsukuru Azumi (Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, JA), 1972, US3663287

Cement expanding agent
A calcium sulfoaluminate series cement expanding agent having a specific particle size distribution. This cement expanding agent is not influenced by the variation of curing condition and can develop a high expandability in the concrete.
Hrsg.: Yoshizo Ono; Tsutomu Mizunuma, 1974, US3819393

High calcium sulfate expansive clinker
Expansive calcium sulfoaluminate clinker containing a high proportion of calcium sulfate is prepared and is included in portland cement (e.g., by intergrinding calcium sulfoaluminate clinker with portland cement clinker) to contribute expansive ...
Hrsg.: Povindar K. Mehta (Chemically Prestressed Concrete Corporation, Calif.), 1974, US3857714

Expansive cements and components thereof
This patent is the basis for the "Type K" expansive cements (together with US3155526 and US3251701).
Hrsg.: Alexander Klein, 1967, US3303037

Hydrated high alumina cement
Novel coated particles of high alumina cement as part of an expansive component. The particles have a core of substantially unhydrated high alumina cement and an outer layer of hydration products of the core, which outer layer delays the reaction.
Hrsg.: Shamim A. Sheikh, Canada, 1998, US5741357

Expansive cement additives and process for producing the same
An additive which consists of alite crystals (size ranging from 50 - 100 µm, content 30 - 80%) and calcium oxide crystals (size 15 - 60 µm, content 2 - 27%) dispersed in a vitreous interstitial substance.
Hrsg.: Toshio Kawano (Onoda Cement Co., Ltd., Japan), 1974, US3785844

Expansive cement and the method of producing such cement
An expansive cement containing, as the expansive additive, a material obtained by burning a raw material comprising calcium oxide, aluminium oxide and calcium sulfate in certain proportions and crushing the burnt product to obtain a particular grain size distribution. The expansive cement of this invention expands during the initial curing period and thereafter substantially maintains the originally expanded shape.
Hrsg.: Minoru Miki, 1970, US3510326

Expansive cement additive and cementitious material added therewith
Expansive additive consisting of a pulverized product of clinker containing 15 - 60% by weight of free CaO, 5 - 30% by weight of free CaF2, 30 - 80% by weight of 11CaO.7Al2O3.CaF2, and less than 10% by weight of other ingredients.
Hrsg.: Ube Industries, Ltd., JP, 1984, US4452637

Expansive and shrinkage-compensated cements
This patent is the basis for the "Type K" expansive cements (together with US3155526 and US3303037).
Hrsg.: Alexander Klein, 1966, US3251701

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