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Chemistry Science Dictionary, German <--> English
About 3000 entries which have been taken from the book "Organische Chemie", Vol. III (by Hans Rudolf Christen and Fritz Vögtle).
Hrsg.: chemie.de

Dictionary English <--> German, Spanish <--> German
About 850.000 entries.
Hrsg.: Archo student-online GmbH

German <--> English, QuickDic
Contains over 190,000 words and a download version is available. Provides some helpful features, i.e. the capability to convert decimal numbers with up to 15 digits into words.
Hrsg.: QuickDic

Logos dictionary, multilingual (German)
More than 7.500.000 entries (total for all languages).
Hrsg.: Logos Gruppe

Organic Chemistry, German <--> English
This Dictionary has been compiled to facilitate the use of the "Beilstein" by those Handbook users whose native language is not German. With a total of about 2,100 entries, it contains most German words occurring in the Beilstein Handbook, as well as common abbreviations.
Hrsg.: Stanford University, Copyright 1990 by Springer-Verlag

Technical Terms relating to Adhesives, in 11 languages
A multilingual reference in the field of adhesive raw materials and construction chemicals.
Hrsg.: BASF Aktiengesellschaft

Lists more than 1800 dictionaries with more than 250 languages.

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