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The influence of extnders and extender-combinations on the anti-corrosion properties of a water-thinnable primer
Study on the effect of various combinations of mineral extenders on a water-thinnable primer. Includes short descriptions of corrosion tests. [17 pages, 3,4 MB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Detlef Gysau, R+D Surface Coatings & Adhesives, Omya AG

Steep Particle Size Distribution Curves as a Determinig Factor in the Use of Fine Extenders
Influence of particle size distribution on opacity, dispersibility, gloss, and drying time. [9 pages, 291 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: R. Werner, Anwendungstechnik Farbe und Lack, Omya AG

Flame Retardants - Types and Mode of Action
Informations about the different types of flame retardants, their acting principles and side effects.
Hrsg.: Clariant

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