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High strength concrete
Report on investigations into the effects of setting and hardening on the properties of high strength concretes, and in particular on the behaviour with restrained deformation at a young age. The shrinkage (in particular the autogenous shrinkage) as well as the release of heat of hydration and the associated strength development were investigated. [12 pages, 597 kB, PDF]
Hrsg.: Maria Teresa Alonso

Argument for Using Coarse Cements in High-Performance Concretes.
Investigation of the effects of particle size distribution and water-to-cement ratio on hydration kinetics. Printed in: Cement and Concrete Research, 1999. Besides an abstract, the fulltext is available as PDF (4 pages, 371 kB).
Hrsg.: Dale P. Benetz (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Claus J. Haecker (Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institut)

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