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Specialist on wax additives for the paints and printing inks industries: Wax dispersions, water-based and solvent-based (isopropanol). Also micronized waxes (PTFE and polypropylene).

Sasol Wax GmbH
Specialist for paraffin waxes and Fischer-Tropsch hard waxes (Paraflint). Along with the macrocrystalline paraffin waxes they offer microcrystalline waxes.

Clariant Additives
Waxes (montan wax, polypropylene wax, amide wax, micronized wax) and flame retardants (Exolit®) for coating systems. Furthermore additives for the plastics industry: UV stabilizers, antioxidants, sulfur containing co-stabilizers, phosphite, metal deactivator, nucleating agents, anti-static agents.

Byk-Chemie GmbH
Surface-active additives based on silicones, acrylates, and fluorosurfactants. They improve surface properties and substrate wetting in solvent-based, solvent-free and aqueous coatings.

Süddeutsche Emulsions-Chemie GmbH
Manufacturer of waterborne paraffin- and wax dispersions: Dispersions of paraffin and paraffin-wax-compounds (Wükonil), metal soaps and special fatty alcohols (Lubranil) and polyethylene waxes and copolymers (Südranol).

Posichem Rohstoffvertriebs-GmbH (German)
Binders, fillers, solvent dyestuffs and organic pigments (Kelly Chemical), waxes (dispersions and mikronized), bentonite thixotropic agents, photoinitiators, siccatives.

Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
Wide range of coatings additives: Air entraining agents, conductivity improvers, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, open time extenders, plasticisers, preservatives, release agents for strippable coatings, rheology modifiers, solvents, surface additives, wetting and dispersing agents.

Albemarle Corporation
Antioxidants and flame retardants.

BYK-Chemie GmbH
Wetting and dispersing additives for pigments and fillers, additives to improve the surface slip, flow and substrate wetting, defoamers and air release agents, viscosity depressants, rheological additives.

Lamberti S.p.A.
Photoinitiators (Esacure) based on hydroxyketones, benzophenones, acylphosphine oxide, benzildimethylketal and special acrylate amines.

Münzing Chemie GmbH
Additives for liquid systems like paints lacquers, printing inks, adhesives, and other related systems: Defoamers, wetting and dispersing agents, levelling agents, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers.

Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG
Levelling agents, slip additives, corrosion protection, wetting and dispersing agents, defoaming and de-aerating agents, rheological additives.

Shamrock Technologies Inc.
Waxes: Micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions and compounds including PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoropolymers, custom wax alloys, natural waxes.

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