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Hydration control of cementitious systems
Neutralized salts of a alpha-monohydroxy di- or multifunctional carboxylic acid act at low dosages, usually below 4% by weight based on the weight of the hydraulic binder, as retarders. At higher dosages, i.e. greater than about 5% up to about 8% by weight based on the weight of the hydraulic binder, the neutralized salts reverse their roles and act as accelerators.
Hrsg.: Pacanovsky et al, Sandoz Ltd. (Basel, CH), 1997, US5634972

Hydration retarder
A method of reclaiming unset cement compositions by mixing a polymethoxy polyphosphonate to the unset composition to cause long-term retardation of cement hydration and subsequently treating the composition with a set accelerator to reinitiate hydration.
Hrsg.: Luthra et al, 1993, US5215585

Reactivatable set-inhibited cementitious compositions
Aqueous grouting compositions based on high alumina cement have the onset of setting delayed for upwards of one month by the incorporation therein of a set-inhibiting agent such as boric acid or gluconic acid delta lactone and can then be rapidly reactivated for use by the incorporation therein of a reactivator, for example lithium carbonate, to produce a high strength hardened cementitious composition.
Hrsg.: Spensley et al, Societe Anonyme d'Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (Paris, FR), 1982, US4455171

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