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Hydraulic cement set-accelerating admixtures incorporating glycols
Set accelerator, developed on the basis of US5348583, especially for low concrete temperatures.
Hrsg.: Arfaei et al, W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (New York, NY), 1994, US5348583

Hydration control of cementitious systems
Neutralized salts of a alpha-monohydroxy di- or multifunctional carboxylic acid act at low dosages, usually below 4% by weight based on the weight of the hydraulic binder, as retarders. At higher dosages, i.e. greater than about 5% up to about 8% by weight based on the weight of the hydraulic binder, the neutralized salts reverse their roles and act as accelerators.
Hrsg.: Pacanovsky et al, Sandoz Ltd. (Basel, CH), 1997, US5634972

Strength enhancing additive for certain portland cements
Triisopropanolamine as strength enhancing additive for portland cements, containing at least 4% C4AF.
Hrsg.: Myers et al, W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (New York, NY), 1992, US5084103

Accelerator for portland cement derived from fertilizer
Method of producing a calcium nitrate composition, and the resulting composition, for use as a accelerator for time of set for portland cement in concrete and mortars comprising the steps of reacting a calcium ammonium nitrate hydrate composition with a tri- or tetramethylolglycoluril (TMGU) to crosslink with and convert the ammonia present therein into non-reactive, water-soluble components which exist in an aqueous medium at selected conditions of time, temperature, and pH.
Hrsg.: Michael F. Pistilli, Gifford-Hill & Company, Inc. (Dallas, TX), 1990, US4897120

Liquid accelerator for the setting of concrete mixtures
The accelerators are characterized by containing only potassium aluminate, potassium carbonate and potassium hydroxide in a defined range. They have a long shelf life even in higher concentrations than the liquid accelerators known heretofore and, within the defined concentrations, produce no precipitation.
Hrsg.: Allemann et al, Dynamit Nobel AG (Troisdorf, DE), 1985, US4504315

Chloride-free setting accelerator for hydraulic binding agents
Alkali-free setting- and hardening-accelerator based on aluminum hydroxide, a water soluble sulfate, nitrate or formate salt (of calcium, magnesium, iron or aluminum), and a cellulose ether.
Hrsg.: Burge et al, Sika AG, vorm. Kaspar Winkler & Co. (CH), 1985, US4507154

Chloride-free hardening accelerant for portland cement and process thereof
A chloride-free hardening accelerant for Portland cement which is active in particular at low temperatures and contains calcium nitrate, sodium nitrate, hexamethylenetetramine and sodium hydroxide.
Hrsg.: Hans-Rüdiger Braun, SKW Trostberg AG (Trostberg, DE), 1988, US4747877

Acid formates for use as setting and early strength development accelerators in cementitious compositions
Sodium, calcium and ammonium salts of formic acid as early strength developers and setting accelerators in hydraulic cements. The salts used are acidic salts containing between 1.5 and 5 moles of the formate ion per mole of the cation. These salts have much greater solubility and are more effective than the corresponding calcium salts, particularly under low temperature conditions.
Hrsg.: Berry et al, BP Chemicals Limited (London, GB2), 1981, US4261755

Thixotroping and set-accelerating additive for mixtures containing a hydraulic binder, ...
The additive consists of one or more esters of the carbonic acid.
Hrsg.: Burge et al, Sika AG, vorm. Kaspar Winkler & Co. (CH), 1995, US5453123

Hydraulic cement set-accelerating admixtures incorporating glycols
Set accelerator especially for low concrete temperatures.
Hrsg.: Arfaei et al, W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (New York, NY), 1994, US5340385

Chloride-free set accelerated cement compositions and methods
Trihydroxybenzoic acid and disodium dihydroxybenzenedisulfonate (or derivatives) as accelerators for portland cements.
Hrsg.: Fry et al, Halliburton Company (Duncan, OK), 1992, US5127955

Hydraulic cement set-accelerating admixtures incorporating amino acid derivatives
A set-accelerating compound for hydraulc cements based on methylol derivatives of amino acids. Especially effective at low temperatures.
Hrsg.: Arfaei et al, W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (New York, NY), 1993, US5211751

Hydraulic cement set accelerators based on nitroalcohols
The admixture compositions comprise one or more nitroalcohols. Suitable nitroalcohols include 2-nitro-2-methyl-1-propanol, 2-nitro-2-ethyl-propanediol, tris(hydroxy-methyl) nitromethane, 2-bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol, and nitroethanol. The nitroalcohols 2-nitro-2-methyl-1-propanol and 2-nitro-2-ethylpropanediol are preferred.
Hrsg.: Gartner et al, W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (New York, NY), 1996, US5531825

Reactivatable set-inhibited cementitious compositions
Aqueous grouting compositions based on high alumina cement have the onset of setting delayed for upwards of one month by the incorporation therein of a set-inhibiting agent such as boric acid or gluconic acid delta lactone and can then be rapidly reactivated for use by the incorporation therein of a reactivator, for example lithium carbonate, to produce a high strength hardened cementitious composition.
Hrsg.: Spensley et al, Societe Anonyme d'Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques (Paris, FR), 1982, US4455171

Cement setting accelerator and method of manufacturing the same
A cement setting accelerator comprising 100 parts (by weight) of a sintered body, 5 to 70 parts of an alkali metal carbonate powder and at most 170 parts of a lime powder.
Hrsg.: Kikuchi et al, Onoda Cement Co., Ltd. (Onoda, JP), 1992, US5160376

Use of basic aluminium sulphates as low-alkali set accelerators for cement
The improved set accelerating mixtures comprise basic aluminum sulphates of the formula: Al(OH)a (SO4)b, in which the subscripts satisfy the conditions: a=3-2b and b=0.05 to 0.4.
Hrsg.: Helmboldt et al, Giulini Chemie GmbH (DE), 1997, US5660625

Setting- and hardening-accelerator containing no chloride and nitrite and a method to accelerate the setting and hardening of hydraulic binders and mixtures thereof
A setting- and hardening-accelerator for hydraulic binders containing at least a nitrate- or sulfite component, at least a thio-cyanate component, at least an alkanolamine component and at least a carboxylic acid component.
Hrsg.: Buerge et al, Sika AG, vorm. Kaspar Winkler & Co. (CH), 1997, US5605571

Process for accelerating the setting and hardening of material which contains a hydraulic binder, setting and hardening accelerator and use of a mixture for accelerating the setting and hardening
A setting accelerator mixture which is free of alkali metals and free of chlorides. It contains at least one water soluble sulfate of a polyvalent cation and a further constituent which is selected from the group consisting of calcium aluminate, calcium sulfoaluminate, basic aluminum salts or mixtures thereof.
Hrsg.: Burge et al, Sika AG, vorm. Kaspar Winkler & Co. (CH), 1996, US5560774

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