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Liquid accelerator for the setting of concrete mixtures
The accelerators are characterized by containing only potassium aluminate, potassium carbonate and potassium hydroxide in a defined range. They have a long shelf life even in higher concentrations than the liquid accelerators known heretofore and, within the defined concentrations, produce no precipitation.
Publisher: Allemann et al, Dynamit Nobel AG (Troisdorf, DE), 1985, US4504315
Cat: Patents: Cement Set Accelerators

Cement additive comprising calcium sulfo-aluminate + organic adhesive + foaming agent + dispersing agent
Cement additive consisting mainly of calcium sulfo-aluminate, which forms ettringite having a high content of sulfate through hydration, 0.1 - 2.0% organic adhesive, 0.005 - 0.5% blowing agent and 1.0 to 6.0% dispersing agent is suitable for grout.
Publisher: Tsutomu Mizunuma, Tsukuru Azumi (Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, JA), 1972, US3663287
Cat: Patents: Expansive Cements and non-shrinking Mortars

Process for accelerating the setting and hardening of material which contains a hydraulic binder, setting and hardening accelerator and use of a mixture for accelerating the setting and hardening
A setting accelerator mixture which is free of alkali metals and free of chlorides. It contains at least one water soluble sulfate of a polyvalent cation and a further constituent which is selected from the group consisting of calcium aluminate, calcium sulfoaluminate, basic aluminum salts or mixtures thereof.
Publisher: Burge et al, Sika AG, vorm. Kaspar Winkler & Co. (CH), 1996, US5560774
Cat: Patents: Cement Set Accelerators

Method of producing stressing cement
A stressing cement is produced by mixing 58-62% by weight of Portland cement with an expanding component taken in an amount of 38-42% by weight. The expanding component consists of calcium sulphate, calcium oxide and an aluminate-containing material.
Publisher: Mikhailov et al, 1973, US3775143
Cat: Patents: Expansive Cements and non-shrinking Mortars

Calucem GmbH
Producer of several calcium aluminate cements.
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials: Calcium Aluminate Cement

Expanding admixture, non-shrinking waterproofing Portland cement with expanding admixture and the process of its production
aromatic acid performs the etching of the aluminate components in the admixture and portlandcement klinker. fatty acid protects the liberated aluminatoorganic complexes from the atmospheric agents, i.e. moisture and carbonic acid.
Publisher: Domenico Grilli (IT), Ghennady Michailovic Kirillov (RU), Boris Emmanuilovic Udovic (RU), 2004. EP1384704
Cat: Patents: Expansive Cements and non-shrinking Mortars

Cement expanding agent
A calcium sulfoaluminate series cement expanding agent having a specific particle size distribution. This cement expanding agent is not influenced by the variation of curing condition and can develop a high expandability in the concrete.
Publisher: Yoshizo Ono; Tsutomu Mizunuma, 1974, US3819393
Cat: Patents: Expansive Cements and non-shrinking Mortars

High calcium sulfate expansive clinker
Expansive calcium sulfoaluminate clinker containing a high proportion of calcium sulfate is prepared and is included in portland cement (e.g., by intergrinding calcium sulfoaluminate clinker with portland cement clinker) to contribute expansive ...
Publisher: Povindar K. Mehta (Chemically Prestressed Concrete Corporation, Calif.), 1974, US3857714
Cat: Patents: Expansive Cements and non-shrinking Mortars

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