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Application Technology: Adhesives  (1)

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Application Technology: Adhesives (1)

Hanse Chemie GmbH
Base materials for sealants (one-part silicone and hybrid sealants) and 2-part silicone formulations. Polyurethane prepolymers used to produce adhesives, casting resins, sealants and elastomers. Combination products of silanes or silicones with non-silicone reaction resins as raw materials and additives for mold making compounds, as well as for adhesives and casting resins in the electrical and electronic industry.
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials

Gustav Grolman GmbH & Co. KG
Distributes pigments, mineral fillers, additives and binders for use in coatings, adhesives, building products, plastics.
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials

Münzing Chemie GmbH
Additives for liquid systems like paints lacquers, printing inks, adhesives, and other related systems: Defoamers, wetting and dispersing agents, levelling agents, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers.
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials: Coating Additives

Thor Group
Biocides for a wide variety of products, including paints, polymer emulsions, and adhesives. (Acticide)
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials: Preservatives, Biocides (Algicides, Fungicides, Bactericides)

Krahn Chemie GmbH
Raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants, building chemistry, rubber and plastics.
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials

Technical Terms relating to Adhesives, in 11 languages
A multilingual reference in the field of adhesive raw materials and construction chemicals.
Publisher: BASF Aktiengesellschaft
Cat: Reference: Dictionaries (Chemistry, Construction, Materials)

Huntsman LLC
MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate) products and MDI-based prepolymers, TDI (toluene diisocyanate) and TDI-based prepolymers, as well as polyester and polyether polyols, for the formulation of adhesives, coatings and elastomers.
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials: Polyurethane Intermediates

ITC Industrials, Inc. - Floridin-Division
Various attapulgite grades for use in adhesives, mortars, paints and coatings. (MIN-U-GEL, Florigel)
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials: Thixotropic Agents (inorganic)

Produces polymer dispersions for the formulation of adhesives, paints and plasters. (Dilexo)
Cat: Suppliers of Raw Materials: Polymer Dispersions

The influence of extnders and extender-combinations on the anti-corrosion properties of a water-thinnable primer
Study on the effect of various combinations of mineral extenders on a water-thinnable primer. Includes short descriptions of corrosion tests. [17 pages, 3,4 MB, PDF]
Publisher: Detlef Gysau, R+D Surface Coatings & Adhesives, Omya AG
Cat: Materials Science: Raw Materials and Formulations for Paints and Varnishes


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