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Expansive demolition agent (Englisch)
An expansive demolition agent which is capable of hydrating and expanding in a hole drilled in a brittle material to demolish the brittle material.
Hrsg.: Ishii et al (Onoda Cement Co., Ltd., JP), 1989, US4807530

Demolition agent for brittle materials (Englisch)
The demolition agent for brittle materials is prepared by pulverizing a clinker which is obtained by mixing a calcareous material, a siliceous material and gypsum at the molar ratio of CaO/SiO2 = 5.0-14.4 and CaSO4/SiO2 = 0.13-1.19 and burning ...
Hrsg.: Kawano et al (Onoda Cement Company, Ltd., Onoda, JP), 1982, US4316583

Method of destroying a brittle body by hydration expansion (Englisch)
A method of destroying a brittle body by molding around an elastic tube or an elastic tube in which is inserted a plastic wire or a heat-fusible member for defining a charging hole ...
Hrsg.: Katayama et al (Onoda Cement Co., Ltd; Katayama; Takaaki, all of JP), 1989, US4816194

Statical demolition-facilitating agent (Englisch)
A durable structure can be easily and safely demolished by using a demolition-facilitating agent comprising, as an effective principal component 50% to 100% by weight of quick lime particles having an apparent density of 2.0 or more, ...
Hrsg.: Kobayashi et al (Ube Industries, Ltd., Yamaguchi, JP), 1990, US4952243

Heating device for accelerating the action of expansive mortars (Englisch)
A device for accelerating the action of expansive mortars (used as a replacement for explosive products for demolition and cutting operations on blocks of rock or concrete) comprises at least one heating element which is introduced into the hole ...
Hrsg.: Vannetti, ( Chimica Edile Artigiani di Ghini & Pasquini S.n.c., Grosseto, IT), 1992, US5159179

Static expansive demolition agent in the three-dimensional form and process for demolishing brittle material using the same (Englisch)
A static expansive demolition agent obtained by compression-molding a powdery composition comprising calcium oxide as the expansive component, an aluminous cement and an alkali or alkaline earth metal salt of boric acid.
Hrsg.: Hirota et al (Asahi Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha ,Tokyo, JP), 1986, US4600154

Material for destroying concrete structures (Englisch)
A material for destroying concrete structures, rock formations and the like comprises a mixture of 20 - 80% of coarse-grained quicklime adjusted to a particle size of from 88 - 3000 microns, and 20 - 80% of cement. The cement may contain ...
Hrsg.: Minegishi et al (Chichibu Cement Co., Ltd., Tokyo, JP), 1983, US4409030

Demolition agent, its preparation and its use (Englisch)
A demolition agent which is prepared by calcining limestone at 1300 - 1600°C to produce a hard-burned quick lime whose crystal sizes are 10 - 100 µm, pulverizing the resulting hard-burned quick lime to 1500 - 5000 cm²/g (Blaine), mixing ...
Hrsg.: Kawano et al (Onoda Cement Company, Ltd., Onoda, JP), 1982, US4354877

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