Use Acti-Gel®208 and improve your Building Industry Formulations

Acti-Gel®208, a high-purity, self-dispersing magnesium alumino silicate that is so unique, it's patented.

In Self Leveling Concrete Overlayments and Underlayments:

Acti-Gel®208 improves the stability of highly fluidized self-leveling concrete and floor screeds.
Acti-Gel®208 prevents the segregation of the course aggregates in these mixtures.
Acti-Gel®208 gives the mixtures the desired properties needed for self-leveling.
Self-leveling formulations with Acti-Gel®208 are robust and easy to formulate.
Acti-Gel®208 can be used in both ready mixed and dry batch formulations.
Acti-Gel®208 eliminates other mineral thickeners and reduces cellulose ethers.

In Plasters, Mortars and Filing & Leveling Compounds:

Acti-Gel®208 is used to increase the thickness of the Plaster being applied.
Acti-Gel®208 prevents sagging, even when the plaster is applied in a thicker layer.
Acti-Gel®208 helps correct for Rheology loss if too much water is applied thereby making the mix less critical to the end user.
Acti-Gel®208 Reduces the amount of Cellulose Ethers used.
Acti-Gel®208 is a non-retarding thickener for cement and gypsum based plasters.

In Self Consolidating Concrete

Acti-Gel®208 is highly suitable for preventing segregation in SCC, even when small increases in water content is necessary.
Acti-Gel®208 works better than gums, is easier to incorporate and is more stable.
Acti-Gel®208 can be pre-mixed with PCE and other Superplasticizers for ease of addition via standard dosing equipment.
Acti-Gel®208 does not-retard SCC formulations.
Acti-Gel®208 enables the use of coarser aggregate without segregation.

Acti-Gel®208 Advantages:

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